Communication is key

Communication is key

We have spent many years trying to differentiate our business from the many other brokers out there in the market. The key area we have focused on is a continued relationship with our clients to ensure they really do get what they expected from both us and the lender we introduced them to. In recent times it has become even more important to ensure we understand exactly where our clients are in terms of their plans and expectations, in order that we can keep meeting these expectations. Sadly as part of this excercise we see plenty of people who are struggling to make ends meet and becoming increasingly more desperate to find a way out of their problems. It is absolutely key that in this situation you should never fear talking to either/both your advisor and the lender in question, as you will almost always meet with a willingness to help. It seems many people take the opposite view and start to evade or even hide the issues and this can only ever make things worse and cause your lender to question your integrity. Always give us/them a chance to help and raise the issues early so we can react accordingly. Asking for more cash at the eleventh hour with no back up plan is commercial suicide. A good lender and advisor can help and will help wherever possible, so please pick up the phone and let us provide you with a helping hand.

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